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I Am My Declining Mental Health

In the darkest of times,  I sit half-dressed on the cold tile of the bathroom floor with hair dangling down, knees pulled to chest, and tears streaming down my face. I rock back and forth to feel my bare back against the wall I have painted Swimming Blue myself, and I whisper over and over again: I am not my mental health.

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‘Tis the Season for Depression and Anxiety: 3 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Friends

You might think the winter brings about sugar cookies and snowflakes, but for those of us suffering from anxiety and depression, the cold winter months bring about a lot more than just chillier weather and cute winter jackets. Continue reading

Depression Doesn’t Just “Go Away”

The relative that suddenly pulls up in the driveway, lugging their bags into the house, declaring their week-long stay will eventually leave. You will breathe a sigh of relief when the stay is done, help them pack their car, and wave from the front porch. The weight that is lifted from you is only darkened by the knowledge that they will return. It will happen again. Continue reading