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Educator. Aunt. Pet parent. Comic. Another 20-something trying to find out where she belongs.

To My Therapist (Who Left Earth, and Me)

I have put-off this post for weeks. I have written it over and over, never feeling it was good enough, and feeling as though if I wrote it, I would have to truly say goodbye.

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‘Tis the Season for Depression and Anxiety: 3 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Friends

You might think the winter brings about sugar cookies and snowflakes, but for those of us suffering from anxiety and depression, the cold winter months bring about a lot more than just chillier weather and cute winter jackets. Continue reading

Love Languages, Friendships, & Boundaries

I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a friend, a close friend, or a best friend. While I think this thought process mostly stems from my naturally curious and fascinated mind when it comes to all things Psychology, I would be ignoring a large chunk of evidence if I did not acknowledge that some of it probably comes from my own childhood self-esteem issues. Continue reading

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