10 Reasons Why Olivia Benson is My Fictional Idol

Olivia Benson is the definition of bad-assery. Here’s 10 reasons why.

1. She treats the perps like everyone wishes they could.
Whether it’s a serial rapist, an elderly man taking photos up 20-something girls’ skirts, or a serious leader of a child pornography ring, Olivia Benson has your back. She’ll tell the perp just like it is- whether that means insulting his manhood (literally) or just poking fun at the way he “performed,” Lt. Benson is on point when she’s crushing these pervs.

2. She knows how to pick up and find a new man when it isn’t working out.
We’re talking the serious 4 relationships we know about. First, we’ve got Kurt Moss. The editor of The Ledger. Then, there’s Brian Cassidy, David Haden, and finally, Ed Tucker. No matter what man was in her life, Olivia was still completely her​. She was still kicking ass (sorry, Mom) and taking names.

3. She knows how to rock any hair style.
While I will admit that I am not a huge fan of Olivia’s every hair style, there’s no denying that she has rocked each one. Whether that’s her super short pixie cut in Season 2, or her big curls she wears as she takes over for Cragen, Olivia Benson is 100% flawless 100% of the time.

4. She knows how to overcome her own struggles.
Being a child of rape? Over it. Nearly being raped? Got it under control. Finding a half brother? Easy. Getting kidnapped? No problem! Lt. Benson is constantly falling down in life. Each time she turns, she can’t catch a break. This woman always picks up and carries on. We see her in therapy and we see her cry, but at the end of the day, she knows she is strong and she is powerful.

5. She is constantly helping victims.
Always protective, Olivia Benson promises each victim she’s gonna get the perp, and she does. She spends days and nights in a car to make sure that a victim is safe. She takes valuable sleep time to go over and over case files. She does her job well and she makes sure she does it right​.

6. Not only serious, Olivia Benson is hilarious.
She’s constantly making jokes and while no other detective laughs, we are all laughing at home. Her quick wit has nothing on anyone else in The 16th Precinct.

7. She doesn’t take anyone’s crap.
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, try and sass Olivia Benson. She will sass you back faster than you can say, “SVU.”

8. She will literally kill for her partner.
If you’re on Olivia Benson’s good side, you’re in. She’ll do anything she has to do to save you. Her neck will always be hanging out for you, and if you screw her over, she’ll turn on you faster than you did her.

9. She’s always there to inspire those that aren’t inspired enough.
It could be a victim, her partner, or herself. Olivia will always be there to offer words of wisdom to whomever she is speaking to. She will remind you why you are awesome and about how much work you have already accomplished. The best part? She says she’s, “just doing her job.”

10. She’s Olivia freakin’ Benson.
My girl OB has everything anyone could want. She’s tough as nails with a heart of gold. She doesn’t let anyone walk all over her, and she’s always up for a fight. Just when you think she can’t handle anymore, she brushes herself off and gets right back up. She puts everyone before herself because she knows she can stand on her own two feet. When she is in need, she seeks out the help.

Olivia Benson works hard and does everything she can to be the best person she knows how to be. 




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